Case Study : Vodafone

Company Name: 



Internal Audit

Operating Region: 


Business Size: 

501-1000 employees


Vodafone Internal Audit services the audit needs of the global Vodafone group which is a considerable size.
They had a small Audit Management System which had serviced them well for a number of years but, being geographically separated from their audit staff, they wanted to create an Audit Management System that was more than an application. It should be an environment where the global team can share ideas, get instruction from global management and store their audit information.
Global management also is then able to manage the audits with their associated issues and actions globally ensuring that the Vodafone group was protected.
We achieved this as follows:

  1. We set up a SharePoint 2010 website dedicated to servicing the needs of the audit team
  2. Using Microsoft InfoPath, we created the audit process using a series of web based views into the current state of the audit ensuring that the audit process was consistently followed using the conditional responses of the user interface together with the SharePoint workflow. This ensures that the audit process is carried out consistently.
  3. We created contextual methodology documents which allowed global auditors to get help and templates based on their specific needs.
  4. Extracted a snapshot of the data using Microsoft Excel and then analysed the data using Microsoft Access for presentation in dashboard format to the leadership team

In this situation, we were able to make use of existing infrastructure and tools at Vodafone to make an audit management system that is both inexpensive and very effective. Most importantly, i puts the power of continuous improvement within the grasp of the audit community.