Managed Services

Cloud Application Services

As cloud based solutions mature in the market as a viable and often preferred method of managing the information technology solutions for businesses, so the demand for experienced solutions architects and on-going support services grows to service this need. We are able to guide your business through the transition to a cloud based solution as well as to ensure that your business remains safe into the future..

Our cloud management services include:

  • Installation and provisioning - we support and advise you through the migration process.
  • Administration - After migrating to a cloud based solution, there are various administrative activities that need to be taken care of. We have a number of solutions that we can discuss with you depending on the extent to which you wish to outsource the responsibility.
  • Maintenance - All systems require some level of maintenance, Our ongoing support offering includes all the necessary maintenance that may be required.
  • Performance optimisation – As your company grows, so the dynamics of your IT infrastructure must change to respond. We constantly monitor the performance of your processes and optimise the performance to make sure that you are receiving the most efficient information delivery possible within the constraints of the current infrastructure. Should we identify an opportunity to improve the performance or reduce the cost of the service, we will recommend to you and respond to your directive.

Managed Business services

In addition to delivering custom solutions into your business, we also support a range other day to day business services.

  • Premium high performance web hosting.
  • Reliable eMail services
  • Cloud based line of business data storage and backup.