Web Application Development

Web applications are often the most cost effective and versatile way to address business solutions. Whether the task is to link up a geographically distributed team or for a workforce that is centrally located to deliver information and process with high levels of efficiency at an economical cost

Our platform of choice is Drupal - Initially, Drupal was developed as a simple open source Content Management System. It has evolved to become a flexible and powerful application development platform. With its modular architecture and open source nature it has an ever expanding level of functionality with a low overall cost when compared to proprietary vendor solutions. The platform can be further extended and customised to create highly functional data systems for businesses of all sizes addressing the needs of both internal staff as well as reaching out to your customers and suppliers.

Web based solutions allow us to access our solutions via desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. Applications can be sensitised to adapt to the platforms used. A sales person can check stock or place a new order directly from their internet connected mobile phone while sitting with the customer. This means better conversion rates, better customer satisfaction and higher efficiency for the business workforce.

Our solutions can be installed on your company servers or it can be installed on the cloud avoiding the additional cost of maintaining your solutions by IT staff. Whichever strategy you wish to adopt,  we offer various levels of support in managing your solution.